Educational Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit

Why Educational Leadership Summit?

Join A.C.E. at an Educational Leadership Summit to be motivated personally and encouraged spiritually. Educational Leadership Summits are held in a several select cities across the United States to provide a time of refreshment through inspiration and fellowship. Special on-site discounts of the ELS store will be available. Experience "iron sharpening iron" when like-minded Christian leaders come together with a single heart and purpose.

Who Can Participate?

While summits are specifically prepared for school leadership staff, all educators who use the A.C.E. program will find them engaging and are invited to attend. Participants will receive an official A.C.E. Leadership Training Certificate upon completion of the Educational Leadership Summit. 

Please note: Our goal in the training session is to glorify the Lord. To show deference to the many different denominations that attend, please come dressed in conservative business attire. Gentlemen, please wear dress shirts, slacks, and ties (suit jackets are optional). Ladies, please wear modest knee-length dresses or skirts and blouses. In order to minimize distractions, no children are allowed in the training sessions. No childcare is available.

How Do I Register?

The retail value of the Educational Leadership Summit is $250 per person.

Price Discounts:

Advance registration is highly recommended. Use the button at the top of this page to begin the registration process and reserve your seat at an Educational Leadership Summit. If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-470-8991.

ELS 2023 Day 1
ELS 2023 Day 2