English IV PACE Set 1133-1144
English IV PACE Set 1133-1144

English IV PACE Set 1133-1144

Course Description

English IV (Level 12) (PACEs 1133–1144)

Prerequisites: English I, II, and III

In this level the student:

  • Is introduced to the different periods of British literature.
  • Builds a vocabulary notebook.
  • Improves writing skills in exposition, description, narration, and persuasion.
  • Learns about parallelism.
  • Writes character trait stories and answers essay questions accurately.
  • Reviews and practices grammar—capitalization and punctuation.
  • Uses the dictionary as a reference tool.
  • Learns about denotation and connotation.
  • Paraphrases and writes summaries while reading The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Silas Marner by George Eliot (special edition).
  • Analyzes Shakespeare’s life and Macbeth.
  • Continues the study of speech—topic selection, preparation, speaking methods, and speech delivery.
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE.

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