Fourth Edition Math 1035
Fourth Edition Math 1035

Fourth Edition Math 1035 (4TH EDITION)

Course Description

Math 3 (Level 3) (PACEs 1025–1036)

In this level the student:

  • Adds 3-digit to 3-digit numbers, subtracts 3-digit from 3-digit numbers, and solves word problems with carrying and borrowing.
  • Learns multiplication facts 1–9 with timed drills and oral drills.
  • Reviews numbers in place values of 1s, 10s, and 100s; writes numbers to count on a number line; reviews and writes on charts; and learns to use picture tables to determine height.
  • Reviews telling time and learns half-hour, quarter-hour, and 5-minute increments.
  • Learns Roman numerals.
  • Reviews measurements of weight, liquid, and length; converts inches to feet, feet to yards; reads scales in pounds; and learns the abbreviations in., ft., and yd.
  • Writes ordinals first through tenth.
  • Learns to divide objects or sets into halves.

Math Builder, a computerized mathematic flashcard program, is also available for additional reinforcement and drill.

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