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Physics PACE Set 1133-1144
Physics PACE Set 1133-1144

Physics PACE Set 1133-1144 (3RD EDITION)

Course Description

Physics (Level 12) (PACEs 1133–1144)

Prerequisites: Algebra I and Physical Science

In this level the student:

  • Studies radiation and nuclear energy, heat energy and temperature, conduction, and convection.
  • Studies electrochemistry, wave motion and sounds, the Doppler effect, and optics and optical instruments.
  • Investigates states of matter—force, motion, gravity, momentum, and energy.
  • Reinforces learned concepts by review.
  • Learns to apply Scriptural principles to everyday situations.

The Physics course also offers free companion videos that supplement the PACEs with interactive, multimedia instruction. Separate Physics Labs provide the benefits of a scientific laboratory and allow students to observe “hands-on” lab experiments.

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