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A.C.E. School of Tomorrow offers the key to academic excellence in a strong Bible-based, character-building program. This life-changing learning system has proven effective in the lives of students for over 50 years. Join the thousands of schools and homeschools using the A.C.E. program worldwide!



Based on the method of building academic skill upon skill, the A.C.E. curriculum establishes a solid foundation for your students’ learning.



Academic progress requires individual student mastery. Students are not held back by their peers or required to keep up with them.



The A.C.E. curriculum requires minimal supervisor instruction, encouraging student responsibility and goal setting.

Character Building

Biblical Integration

Biblical Integration

Biblical principles are woven throughout the A.C.E. curriculum with an emphasis on Scripture memory.

A.C.E. Characters

A.C.E. Characters

Students enjoy reading and growing with A.C.E.’s illustrated characters and learning from the examples they set.

Character Traits

Character Traits

Ninety character traits of Jesus are presented in poems, songs, activities, and character strips throughout the curriculum.

diagnostic test

Diagnostic Testing

The aceconnect® Diagnostic Test is used to determine skill and concept mastery. Each student should be tested before beginning to use the A.C.E. program to determine skill level and concept mastery. After a student completes the testing, he is assigned A.C.E. curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level in each subject. The diagnostic tests can be taken for free online or printed copies purchased through the A.C.E. store.

Curriculum Format

Levels Chart


All A.C.E. courses are divided into bite-sized booklets called PACEs, similar to one unit in a textbook. Students begin each PACE by noting their goals. Graphics, illustrations, and activities add excitement to lessons. Each PACE contains several Checkup quizzes, one Self Test, and one PACE Test to measure mastery.


Print and Online

For your convenience, A.C.E. offers curriculum in print as well as online via ePACE. The ePACE platform incorporates A.C.E.’s learning methodology and all the elements of the printed PACE into an interactive digital format. Visit aceconnect.com/epace to learn more about ePACE and the courses available.

Curriculum Levels

Levels K-12

The A.C.E. printed curriculum begins with the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi reading program and continues through Level 12 with core subjects and elective courses. However, students are not lock-stepped by level. Students may progress rapidly or take as long as necessary to master the material. 


Student Programs

A.C.E. School of Tomorrow offers a complete program that reaches beyond curriculum. Through A.C.E. Regional and International Student Conventions, students build character and skills by preparing for more than 140 different areas of competition. ACEM® programs such as BLESS, Service Adventure, and Educational Assistance provide life-changing opportunities to assist others around the world.


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