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Ordering Options

When you choose A.C.E. School of Tomorrow, you get more than a company that just sells curriculum. You get a team that is committed to supporting all your educational needs. We recommend campus-based schools order through aceconnect® School Management, but schools may also order directly through this web store. When homeschooling you have two options, Lighthouse Christian Academy or Independent Homeschool. Continue reading to learn more.

Lighthouse Christian Academy

(Record-keeping services and diploma provided.)

Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is a full-service distance learning provider that utilizes the A.C.E. curriculum. In LCA, parents are the teachers; however, experienced academic advisors prescribe and order curriculum and assist you in implementing the A.C.E. program. When you enroll with LCA, you receive the full service of a school administration office.

Services include:

  • Experienced Academic Advisors
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Projected Course of Study
  • Report Cards
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Transcripts
  • End-Of-Year Standardized Testing
  • Accredited High School Diploma
  • Graduation Ceremony (optional)

Independent Homeschool

(Record-keeping services and diploma not provided.)

As an independent home educator, you can begin your homeschool adventure with competence and confidence by utilizing A.C.E.'s Quick Start Set. It contains training material for the parent (Manual, Activity Pac, and Scope and Sequence) and a record-keeping set for one student.

A.C.E. diagnostic testing is your key to determining your child's exact academic placement in the curriculum. Each course consists of 12 workbooks called PACEs. Each PACE presents interesting lessons, new vocabulary, challenging quizzes, and mastery tests for that unit. The unique format of the curriculum allows students to advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. Students advance through the curriculum under parental supervision. Parents provide tutoring at the optimum moment of learning.

Make your curriculum selections from our extensive array of proven educational materials and programs. As an autonomous home educator, you must direct the instruction and manage the administration of your home school.

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