Advanced Art Self-Pac 103
Advanced Art Self-Pac 103

Advanced Art Self-Pac 103 (2ND EDITION)

Course Description

Advanced Art (high school student) (Self-Pacs 97–108) 1 Credit

In this level the student:

  • Studies an introduction to the tools of art: the pencil, pen and ink, and paints.
  • Learns the principles of design: symbols, rhythm, shapes, and awareness.
  • Investigates the hue, value, intensity, and proportion of color, and paints in color.
  • Designs clothing, draperies, still figures, and figures in motion.
  • Learns about observation, point of view, perspectives, and light and shade.
  • Examines chalk talks (materials, setup, tools for success) and generates a program.
  • Discovers lettering, layouts, spacing, and other techniques designed to help the student integrate the learned material.

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