Algebra II 1124
Algebra II 1124

Algebra II 1124 (3RD EDITION)

Course Description

Algebra II (Level 11) (PACEs 1121–1132)

Prerequisite: Algebra I

In this level the student learns to operate with:

  • Real number axioms and applications.
  • Radicals and complex numbers.
  • Fractions and operations, equations and decimals.
  • Equations—linear and graphs, quadratic solutions, relations and polynomial functions.
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, and sentences with one variable.
  • Multiplication of polynomials, factoring monomials, squares, groups, and open sentences.
  • Computations, exponential functions, logarithms, and antilogarithms; and permutations, combinations, binomial expansions, and probability.
  • Matrices and their properties, determinants of equations, and systems of equations.

The Algebra II course also offers free companion videos that supplement the PACEs with interactive, multimedia instruction. 

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