Basic Literature 8 Study Guide
Basic Literature 8 Study Guide

Basic Literature 8 Study Guide (2ND EDITION)

Course Description

Basic Literature 8 (Level 8)

In this level the student reads:

  • God’s Adventurer by Phyllis Thompson, a story about the life and adventures of missionary Hudson Taylor.
  • Little One, Maid of Israel by Bill Harvey. This is an exciting story about the young maid whose life affected the Syrian captain Naaman.
  • When Science Fails by John Hudson Tiner. Documented cases of major scientific discoveries in the modern era present a powerful testimony to the validity of the Scriptures.
  • Abraham Lincoln by David R. Collins, the story of our 16th president, his rise to the White House, and his dependence on Jesus.
  • Ann of Ava by Ethel Daniels Hubbard, the life story of Ann Judson, wife of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma.
  • In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon. This selection is one of the great books for Christians today and will be a tremendous help to each student.

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