Beginning Art Self-Pac 83
Beginning Art Self-Pac 83

Beginning Art Self-Pac 83 (2ND EDITION)

Course Description

Beginning Art (junior high school student) (Self-Pacs 73–84) 1 Credit

In this course the student:

  • Reproduces a number of illustrations in the course using pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, tempera, and samples the art of lettering.
  • Paints a color wheel, identifies warm and cool colors and mixtures, uses opposites on the color wheel successfully, and mixes colors to obtain the color needed.
  • Studies line variation, design, and shape, and uses shading for depth and perspective.
  • Draws various textures effectively.
  • Learns to create well-balanced indoor and outdoor scenes, landscapes, and interiors.
  • Uses stick figures to show action, indicates mood with facial expressions, and draws simple cartoons.
  • Understands how to make a flannel board, creates flannelgraph backgrounds and story materials, and makes posters.

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