Geometry PACE Set 1109-1120
Geometry PACE Set 1109-1120

Geometry PACE Set 1109-1120 (3RD EDITION)

Course Description

Geometry (Level 10) (PACEs 1109–1120)

Prerequisite: Algebra I

In this level the student learns:

  • To reason logically and systematically.
  • Properties and theorems and how to use them for solving problems—converse and construction, parallelograms, tangency, exterior angle; Hinge, Pythagorean, and regular polygon theorems.
  • Types of shapes, angles, arcs, and chords, and learns to find the circumference and area.
  • Tangents, secants—angles formed and intersecting within a circle.

The Geometry course also offers free companion videos that supplement the PACEs with interactive, multimedia instruction. 

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