Kindergarten School Set
Kindergarten School Set

Kindergarten School Set

Course Description

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi Manual Set with Accessories*

In this program the student:

    Starts his academic journey with the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi program. It is designed for children who score below 80 percent on the reading test. It features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare children in readiness to read. Sixty PACEs (sold separately) filled with Bible and animal pictures, coordination development activities, and full-color picture stories motivate a child to read. Students also learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love. Another feature is the self-instructional format for guiding children from pretesting through a kindergarten graduation program.

    This set includes the materials required for the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi Program (required Kindergarten PACEs sold separately). The set includes Daily Instructional Manuals 1, 2, 3, and 4; Coordination Development Tests (10); Display Cards; Number Train Cards; Gold Stars (60); Bible Stickers (150); Growth Chart; Progress Reports (10); Salvation Songs for Children; and Kindergarten Songs CD.

    *PLEASE NOTE: This set is recommended for schools who will purchase the PACEs needed for multiple students separately. To purchase all materials needed for the program at a discounted rate, order the Kindergarten Homeschool Set.

    To learn how to use this program in more detail, please view our Reading Development workshop videos. 

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