Music PACE Set 1-6
Music PACE Set 1-6

Music PACE Set 1-6

Course Description

Music (PACEs 1–6) 1/2 Credit

In this course the student:

  • Identifies various types of instruments—string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and keyboard instruments.
  • Is taught how to read music.
  • Learns how to select and purchase an instrument.
  • Appreciates the background of great hymns and hymn writers.
  • Gains knowledge of music notation including staff, clefs, intervals, scales, triads, and tetra chords.
  • Learns the properties of tone (sounds, pitch, duration, intensity, and quality).
  • Develops song-leading skills.
  • Recognizes recorded music from select composers.

Required musical selections are available free online or may be purchased in CD format.

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