Science 1032
Science 1032

Science 1032 (4TH EDITION)

Course Description

Science 3 (Level 3) (PACEs 1025–1036)

In this level the student:

  • Observes the faithfulness of God while learning about the solar system.
  • Learns about the concept and measurement of time.
  • Learns about animal and plant life cycles.
  • Recalls and continues the study of God’s Creation.
  • Studies Bible topics such as Jesus’ return; sin, death, and the curse; man’s freedom to choose to love and obey God.
  • Read stories using new vocabulary and visual discrimination.
  • Looks at geological changes after the Flood—jungles and hot lands, tundra and cold lands, volcanoes and earthquakes.
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE.

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