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A.C.E. offers two different reading programs developed to meet and challenge beginning readers on their performance level. A pretest is given to help determine whether a child will be placed into Kindergarten with Ace and Christi or ABCs with Ace and Christi.

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We believe that a successful education of a child begins with the parent! That’s why we have produced training materials that will enable parents to implement the Accelerated Christian Education program successfully. The Basic Quick Start Kit is available for purchase by the homeschooling parent who wishes to learn how to use the A.C.E. program.

Parents are also an integral part of the campus-based school using the A.C.E. curriculum program. Procedures are set in place to provide the parent several avenues of communication with the school staff.

To get a list of schools that use the A.C.E. program in your area, please send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to mention your city and state.

Your child will receive an accredited high school diploma if enrolled with our distance learning provider, Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA). Students who dual enroll at a Model or Quality Status school through LCA or who homeschool with LCA will have an advisor to help keep them on track for graduation. LCA maintains official transcripts for each student enrolled.

If homeschooling independently using A.C.E. curriculum, it is up to the parent to secure a diploma.

Each student entering the A.C.E. program should be given the aceconnect Diagnostic Test to determine skill and concept mastery. The test assists the evaluator in determining the student’s academic needs in each subject. After the student completes the testing, he is given curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level.

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Regional Student Conventions and International Student Conventions are for students ages 13 and older who want to develop their skills by competing in categories such as music, speech/drama, athletics, arts, and academics. Participants choose from more than 140 performance and nonperformance events to demonstrate their achievements in a wide range of categories from chess to Bible memory and from basketball to art.

If you are a parent wishing to homeschool your child with the A.C.E. curriculum, we highly recommend purchasing the Basic Quick Start Kit. It contains the Home Educator's Manual that will train you to use the A.C.E. program.

There are six ways you can order:

  1. Order from the A.C.E. store online.
  2. Call Customer Service at 1-800-925-7777 or 615-612-5166
  3. Fax your order at 615-612-5304
  4. Email your order to [email protected]
  5. Mail your order to Accelerated Christian Education, P.O. Box 2707, Hendersonville, TN 37077-2707
  6. Order through our School Management program.

If you are looking to open a Christian school, A.C.E. has simplified the process with seven steps.

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Below are approximate prices for each level on the A.C.E. web store. Sales tax and shipping costs are not included.

Reading Programs Complete Set PACEs Only
Kindergarten $363.20 $118.00
ABCs/Level 1 $390.00 (Keys are available for purchase for an additional fee.) $222.06
Curriculum Levels Complete Level (PACEs, Score Keys, Resource Books) PACEs Only
Level 2  (8 subjects) $518.40 $295.20
Level 3  (7 subjects) $439.30 $261.60
Level 4  (7 subjects) $398.70 $261.60
Level 5  (7 subjects) $435.50 $289.20
Level 6  (7 subjects) $437.95 $294.00
Level 7  (6 subjects) $297.65 $194.70
Level 8  (6 subjects) $366.10 $233.70
Level 9  (5 subjects)* $317.30 $223.20
Level 10  (4 subjects)* $251.90 $175.20
Level 11  (4 subjects)* $243.45 $175.20
Level 12  (4 subjects)* $223.50 $152.40
*Electives not included

Video labs for high school science courses are available online at no charge at aceconnect.com. Fourth Edition Biology labs can be found here. Third Edition Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics labs can be found in the Video Library along with Algebra, Geometry, French (audio), Videophonics, English as Your Second Language, and Spanish I videos.

The King James Version (KJV) Bible is used throughout all of the curriculum produced by A.C.E.  

You may register for student conventions as they are made available through the Convention Registration program. Use the link below to get started.

Convention Registration