A student using A.C.E. School of Tomorrow's® curriculum will go through 12 levels. In each level, they will have several different subjects to learn from, such as Math, Science, Word Building, and more. Within every subject, there are 12 PACEs per year to complete. Therefore, every level increases in increments of 12.

PACE numbering chart

If you have a student in the first level taking Math, their first PACE number is 1001. They must complete 12 Math PACEs to finish the first level. Therefore, they will take Math PACEs 1001–1012. Then in the second level, they will continue and take 1013–1024.

Please remember that levels may vary according to the student’s ability. Students are encouraged to do their best while working at their own proficiency level and proceeding as they are capable. Many students complete around 72 PACEs in one academic year. The PACE numbering system chart reflects the A.C.E. system of referring to each grade as a curriculum level. Since a student is not categorized as being in a specific conventional (chronological) grade level of work, he may be working on a different level in each of his subjects. PACEs are only marked with numbers. No grade level is ever used. High school electives are not identified with specific levels (grades); however, some courses have prerequisites, such as Algebra I before Physical Science.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-800-925-7777 or [email protected].

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