While homeschooling and using a Virtual Learning Center are great options during this pandemic, many schools are looking forward to getting back into their physical school buildings and Learning Centers. For those schools, here are a few suggestions that could be utilized in the Learning Center to provide extra protection to staff and students.

The suggestions below are not A.C.E. policies and may not work for every school. Please be sure to abide by the regulations set forth by your government and health officials. Most importantly, remember to pray to the Lord for protection and guidance during this time.  

General Suggestions for the Learning Center

  • Assign each student a flag set and make sure only that student touches it. When answering a flag, have the student return the flag to his desk. 
  • Have staff sanitize their hands before and after distributing materials to students.
  • Instruct staff not to touch PACEs while giving academic assistance. The student should be the only one to touch the PACE after receiving it until he is ready to turn it in for testing.
  • Have all staff wear masks in the Learning Center.

Scoring Suggestions

  • Assign offices with one empty office between each student. Use the empty office as an individual scoring station for the student sitting nearest. If there are not enough student offices to accomplish this, try the next suggestion.
  • Set up several scoring stations in the Learning Center utilizing extra offices as needed.
  • Provide a separate labeled red pen for each student to use.
  • Separate Score Keys for lower-, middle-, and upper-level students to minimize the contact between students.
  • Wipe down scoring stations frequently throughout the day.

Testing Suggestions

  • Set up multiple testing tables to allow for more separation during testing.
  • Wipe down the testing tables before and after students have tested.
  • Have students sit six feet apart.

A.C.E. is continuing to pray as schools look forward to this new academic year and the great things that God will do through each ministry! May educators always remember to trust in the Lord and to rely on Him.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

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