Tips for Devotions
Tips for Devotions


Holding devotions with your students is a great way to promote character development. Having a more in-depth discussion can help to reinforce the traits students learn about in their PACEs.

A.C.E. recommends holding small, 20-minute devotional groups on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The pastor is the most effective person to lead the group in a discussion about a different character trait each week. This may prove to be the greatest life-changing activity in the schedule.

More than three days on a character trait may be considered if the interest and information warrant it. With 90 character traits, it will take more than a year to cover all of them! Divide students into lower-level and upper-level groups so the material can be presented appropriately for the age level.

Suggested Procedure for Devotional Time

  1. Provide a comfortable environment with appropriate chairs, carpet, wall posters, plaques, and plants.
  2. Sit with the students in a semi-circle.
  3. Share the character traits so students can personalize them.
  4. Use this sample outline:

Day One

Present and define the character trait. Ask students to find Biblical characters that illustrate the character trait.

Day Two

Illustrate the trait from Scripture. Let students do 80% of the talking.

Day Three

Develop illustrations with true-to-life people. Ask questions to draw responses from students.

Sample Questions

What did George do?

What should George have done differently?

Should he have done anything differently?


What do you think?

What do you think his mother said or thought?

What will George believe about this later?

How should George feel later?

Encourage students to take notes on the character trait being discussed and to put them in an Insight Notebook. Students can use the same outline for notes as given for the Insight Notebook.

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