Have you ever wanted to be an Educational Assistant in a foreign country? Perhaps the worldwide pandemic has hindered your decision. Costs, fear, or anxiety of a long-term mission trip in a different culture may have given you second thoughts. In this world of uncertainty, Accelerated Christian Education Ministries has a new opportunity for the EA program—Virtual Educational Assistance!

What does a Virtual Educational Assistant do?

A Virtual Educational Assistant works with a Learning Center in another part of the world through video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom. An assistant fills a role, such as a monitor or tutor, and gives students opportunities to interact with a native English speaker. The assistant may score PACEs, help students with English skills, and perform other Learning Center responsibilities. A virtual assistant can schedule a virtual learning time with a school at the convenience of his or her schedule.

What training is required to be a Virtual Educational Assistant?

In addition to written guidelines, 11 Virtual Learning Center tutorial videos are available to help you learn how others have been able to do this. The ESL Procedures videos in the Virtual Learning Center tutorial series are particularly helpful for preparing to aid schools remotely.

How can I participate?

Visit to learn more about the EA program, or contact ACEM at [email protected]. To apply, submit an Educational Assistance Questionnaire.

Also, learn about how to operate a Virtual Learning Center.

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