Phonics phones are useful learning tools for Kindergarten and ABCs students, second language learners, and students struggling with phonetics. These phones, also called whisper phones, allow students to hear their voice clearly even when whispering! Students use their phones by speaking into one end while holding the other end of the phone up to one ear. The bottom end of the phone can also be turned outward so that a supervisor can speak into the phone while the student listens.

How to Make

We recommend each student be given their own phone to avoid sharing germs. Multiply the items listed below by the number of phones you would like to make. (The decorative tape could be used for more than one phone.) Before you purchase the materials make sure the PVC elbows that you have chosen fit snuggly onto your PVC pipe.

Supplies for one phone:

  • Two ¾ inch PVC pipe elbows
  • One ¾ inch PVC pipe, 3½ inches long
  • Decorative tape

Once you have purchased your supplies, slide one elbow onto each end of your 3 ½ inch long PVC pipe. Wrap the tape around the middle of the phone for decoration. Then sanitize the phone for the student. The new phonics phone is now ready for your student to use!

Ideas for use

Once made, phonics phones can become an invaluable tool in the Learning Center. Here are a few ideas.

Have your students use phonics phones when . . .

  1. Introducing letter sounds and blends
  2. Listening to students read their goal pages and other reading activities
  3. Training students to be aware of phonetic sounds
  4. Explaining the difference between similar letter sounds
  5. Encouraging students that are struggling with phonetics to read more aloud
  6. Doing activities with your ABCs learners

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