Hundreds of schools using the A.C.E. program enjoy Quality Status or Model School recognition. This recognition is earned through academic, technical, and spiritual excellence. To attain status, schools must earn the designation each year. Status is given by the A.C.E. ministry representative who visits schools to verify status requirements are being met. Status is granted to the school for the NEXT school year following the school visit.

Staff of schools earning status work diligently each year to maintain the quality that is required for such status. Attainment of status is a tribute to the fact that the school’s staff is effectively implementing the A.C.E. Procedures Manuals, motivating students, and operating a high-quality school. Pursuing status recognition is voluntary, but many schools are finding that status recognition is an ADVANTAGE with their constituency.

Quality Status and Model School Designation Benefits

  • A certificate with a foil seal to display in the school
  • An official letter of congratulations from A.C.E. for this status achievement
  • A press release for local promotion
  • Inclusion on the Enrollment Referral Recommendation list—a list used by A.C.E. when parents ask for a recommended school closest to their home
  • Opportunity to participate in the LCA Dual Enrollment program
  • Unlimited access to ePACE Self Tests and Tests

The greatest benefit to the school staff is KNOWING THAT THE SCHOOL IS DOING THINGS RIGHT—following the Procedures Manual, seeking high academic standards, producing high academic achievement in students, and building Godly character in young men and women that seek to live for God.

Contact your A.C.E. Representative for more information on the requirements and steps to qualify for Quality Status or Model School designation.

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