When looking for Godly solutions to help a hyperactive student, identifying potential causes is key. Consider causes such as metabolism, emotional disturbance, media influences (TV and video games), and possible violations of Biblical principles of moral purity. Staff should work closely with parents in an attempt to help with hyperactivity. Hyperactivity often requires the supervisor take several steps to assist the student. A concerted effort by parents and school staff to eliminate high sugar foods, ascertain possible food allergies, prohibit access to violent or sensual material, and other disruptive influences should reduce hyperactivity in most cases. Most importantly, pray for your student as you look for ways to help him. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16b)

Please note: School staff should never make any recommendations to parents with regard to suppressive medications for hyperactivity.

While working with parents to eliminate possible triggers for hyperactivity, try one or more of these suggestions to assist the student:

  1. Require the student to get up and score every page in his PACE. This will allow the student to get more movement throughout the school day and increase his ability to concentrate on PACE work.
  2. Give the student a stress ball to use while working in his office. The ball will keep his hands busy while reading or studying.
  3. Have the student switch PACE subjects every 30 minutes. Variety will help keep the student’s focus on the subject at hand.

Read the article, “Overcoming Behavioral Challenges,” for more information and tips on how to help your students. 

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