Establishing Professional Academic Student Records

1. Keep student records accurate, current, complete, and neat.

Above all, make sure your records have a professional appearance. The Bible says in I Corinthians 14:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

Accurate academic records spell professionalism and result in:

  • Increased confidence in your school program.
  • Admiration and respect for your staff “doing things right.”
  • Enhanced public acceptance of your students’ academic results.

2. Establish a filing system for staff efficiency.

Establish a filing system in the daily routine of processing PACEs, recording scores, keeping records, maintaining PACE inventory, and ordering curriculum. The aceconnect School Management program offers a digital record-keeping solution.

3. Establish a cumulative record folder for every student.

sample cumulative record folder

The school office must establish and maintain an individual cumulative record folder for every student. For instructions on how to put together a cumulative record folder, order item #525 Sample Cumulative Record Folder. Each student folder should contain the following:

Checklist: The checklist is attached to the front of each record folder. It should contain a list of all items and forms in the folder. When looking for a particular form for a student, you will be able to quickly use the checklist to see if it should be inside. The last page of the Sample Cumulative Record Folder is a sample checklist that you may freely copy and use. See page 125 in you Procedures Manual I for information on Academic Records.

Envelope: A small manila envelope may be attached to the inside of each folder for holding smaller forms and items, such as notes from parents and Supervisor’s Progress Cards.

Forms: Full-page forms may be maintained in the cumulative record folder.

4. Preserve and maintain records.

Store cumulative records in a fireproof, four- to five-drawer, lockable file cabinet for safekeeping.

Type or print all permanent information on forms. Typed forms are the most professional.

File all records in the same direction.

File all records in the same order in each file. By doing so, you will be able to locate any particular form desired from any student folder in minimal time.

Maintain all cumulative records in one location. It is best to maintain permanent records in your main school office. Use individual student files in the Learning Center to keep certain things throughout the school year to use at parent conferences, such as Homework Assignment slips and notes from parents. These forms are temporary and are not maintained with your permanent records in the school office.

Use a hanging file system to store student records in your file cabinet.

Your cumulative records must be maintained PERMANENTLY. If your school should close, the records are kept by the church that operated the school. If a church is not involved, follow state/provincial guidelines for storing academic records. In any case, parents should be notified as to the location of the records.

A COPY of the permanent records may be given to the parents upon request. However, stamp “unofficial copy” on the top. Official copies are sent from school to school.

Copies of the permanent records of graduates may be sent to designated colleges or prospective employers upon receipt of a written request from the parents or the graduate. When a transcript is requested, send a copy of the records, but DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINALS. Items sent should include the following:

• Permanent/Academic Record

Student Progress Reports

• Standardized testing results

• Standardized testing student reports

ACT and/or SAT test results

• Any previous school records

• Letter of explanation to accompany records

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