The release of the aceconnect™ ePACE™ platform gives your school more educational tools than ever before. Several levels of four subjects are now available with more on the way. This state-of-the-art online curriculum brings together the best of A.C.E.'s methodology in a modern format. You can be assured that ePACEs will not replace the 4th Edition development of paper PACEs. They are intended to provide another option to schools. Whether you implement the available ePACEs or use a combination of ePACEs and paper PACEs, consider the benefits of the aceconnect ePACEs.

Different format, same methodology

The ePACEs still use A.C.E.'s time-tested, mastery-based, individualized, Scripturally based curriculum. These ePACEs can be accessed through an Internet browser on any tablet, laptop, or desktop. Video and audio clips and additional graphics supplement the material to enhance the user's experience.

Efficient automated scoring

While paper PACEs have placed a strong emphasis on the student realizing and correcting his incorrect answers, the ePACE platform takes students through a different experience. Students do not manually score their work, as the ePACE platform features automated scoring. Unlike paper Score Keys, the ePACE platform does not reveal the correct answer when an activity is wrong. Students must reread the ePACE text and instructions to discover what they need to do to solve each activity. If the student does not get the correct answer after three attempts, the supervisor is alerted that the student may need help finding the answer.

Test validation

Self Tests and Tests on the ePACE platform provide additional tools for supervisors. A key feature of testing is the inclusion of varied questions. Both Self Tests and Tests feature alternate questions upon each attempt. In addition to scoring Tests, the system also stores Test scores and enables records to be transferred to other schools using the ePACE platform.

Affordable prices

While the cost of using the ePACE platform is comparable to using paper PACEs, a few key differences exist. First, each school or homeschool pays an annual $99 Access Fee. This fee covers all student, staff, and parent accounts and includes the Readmaster® and Typemaster® programs as well as Word Building Self Tests and Tests. The account administrator can then purchase ePACEs individually for $3.50 each. They can be purchased in bulk or one at a time. In addition, each ePACE is available for use instantly with no shipping and handling costs!

Open communication channels

One of the keys to making the A.C.E. program work is interaction between students and supervisors. While much of the ePACE platform is self-instructional, there are many aspects that require communication. To facilitate this interaction, supervisors receive alerts from the ePACE platform when a student needs approval to advance in the ePACE or when he is having difficulty with a particular section. Students and parents can also send messages directly to supervisors through the ePACE platform.

Secure ePACE record storage

Another advantage of the ePACE platform is automated reports. These ePACE reports include academic records, Congratulations slips, Test scores, goal alerts, and a daily goal check report. These records are securely stored on A.C.E.'s servers and can be printed or transferred to another school using the ePACE platform.

Continuing development

A.C.E. is committed to continuing the expansion of 4th Edition paper PACEs and furthering the development of the ePACE platform. Currently ePACEs are available for social studies, science, and Word Building Levels 2–9; Bible Reading Levels 2–6; and New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, and Life of Christ electives. To learn more about the ePACE platform, visit

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