When students enter the A.C.E. program after using another curriculum, they often exhibit gaps in their education. This dilemma can result from different methodologies and approaches used by schools and curriculum publishers. Conventional schools have a completely different teaching system that attempts to get all students to learn lock-step with the rest of the class. Students can miss key concepts when they are absent or when they need more time to absorb each concept. A.C.E. has a time-tested method to help identify and fill in these gaps in education—the aceconnect™ Diagnostic Test.

Just as a doctor diagnoses an illness, the aceconnect Diagnostic Test identifies gaps in a student's learning and automatically prescribes gap PACEs to help him master the material he might have missed. This can be invaluable to educators as they introduce students to a different way of learning. The tests are also helpful for students who are not exhibiting mastery in a subject. Even if they have been using PACEs for an extended period of time, they may have forgotten some of the building blocks and need to refresh their knowledge of key concepts. Best of all, the Diagnostic Tests are available in two different formats: digital and paper. The digital tests are offered at for free. The online system automatically generates a list of prescribed PACEs to help the student bridge gaps in his knowledge. Tests are also available for purchase in paper form.

Diagnostic Tests are broken down into four subject areas:

  • Math (Levels 1–9)
  • English (Levels 1–8)
  • Reading comprehension for science, social studies, Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing (Levels 1–8)
  • Word Building (spelling) (Levels 2–9)

Through the Diagnostic Test and gap PACEs, students are set to progress at their performance level and discover the value of the A.C.E. individualized and mastery-based curriculum that is firmly founded in the Word of God.

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