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A.C.E. is excited to announce the launch of its aceconnect™ ePACE™ platform. Social studies, science, and Word Building Levels 2–9; Bible Reading Levels 2–6; and New Testament Survey are now available in a digital format. This state-of-the-art online curriculum brings together the best of A.C.E.'s methodology in a modern format. Read more to learn about this new platform.

What are ePACEs?

Likely you are already familiar with A.C.E.'s time-tested PACEs. The tactile style of learning implemented in paper PACEs is how students have learned for centuries. With the advent of online learning, ePACEs offer a different approach. The content of ePACEs closely mirrors paper PACEs but uses a different format. Fun and engaging activities are used throughout the ePACE platform to keep students excited and focused. Activities are automatically scored, which saves time, increases accuracy, and eliminates the need for Score Keys. Additional 3D graphics, video clips, and varied Test questions have also been added. The ePACE platform is available worldwide on tablets, laptops, or desktop computers with an Internet connection.

Is there a way I can monitor my child's progress?

Parents have their own dashboard in the ePACE platform to monitor their children's ePACE progress and to contact supervisors. The messaging system features the ability for parents to directly message supervisors and administrators. The ePACE platform also allows parents to track where their children are in each ePACE and to view their goals for the day. In addition, parents receive alerts when their children are ready to test and when they have passed a Test.

Can my child's ePACE records transfer?

Records can be transferred between accounts on the ePACE platform. If you move or your child enrolls in another school using ePACEs, his records can transfer to the new school. The account administrator at the new school merely sends a request to the student's prior school to access the ePACE records.

Can my child work on ePACEs from home?

As long as your child has the login credentials, the ePACE platform can be used at home or anywhere else that receives an Internet connection. For instance, in the event of an illness or worldwide pandemic, a supervisor could assign a student to work on an ePACE from home.

Are there any other unique features?

Some of the highlights of the ePACE platform include access to the updated Readmaster® and Typemaster® programs, text-to-audio capability, interactive Bible verses, character trait songs, and audio for Word Building spelling words on Self Tests and Tests. If your child's school sets up a calendar within the ePACE platform, you are able to view it as well.

A.C.E.'s proven mastery-based curriculum has an emphasis on vocabulary, strong roots in phonics, and Biblically based academics used by students in over 140 countries. A.C.E. aims to help your child continue his education in either a paper or digital format. Watch for new subjects to be released in the near future.

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