Do you have students who need extra work in certain subjects? The supplemental enrichment programs offered by aceconnect™ may have the tools needed to help them master what they are learning. Readmaster®, Typemaster®, Mathbuilder™, and Wordbuilder™ have been revised to enhance each user’s experience. These recent updates offer a new look with improved functionality. Whether students need extra work in reading, typing, math, or spelling, these programs are the perfect supplement to PACEs/ePACEs.

Readmaster is the ultimate reading comprehension aid for students using the A.C.E. program. It helps improve reading speed and comprehension. Students are introduced to vocabulary words on their reading level, read engaging stories at an automated speed, and answer questions for comprehension. Readmaster covers Levels 1–12.

Typemaster is an all-in-one typing program that helps students learn to type and improve keyboarding skills. Once they learn how to position their hands and fingers on the keyboard, the program works to increase speed and accuracy. The program is split into two categories. Sections 1–3 are ideal for young students. Sections 4–6 feature drills to strengthen the skill and speed of older students.

Mathbuilder is a fun, challenging program that sharpens students’ math skills. The program allows the supervisor to choose the specific skill on which a student may need drill. Activities include adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, decimals, fractions, telling time, and counting money. This program is ideal for students in Levels 1–6.

Wordbuilder is far more than a spelling program. It is the perfect companion to Word Building and focuses on improving vocabulary, word usage, and spelling skills. Students in Levels 2–8 encounter drills aimed at mastering definitions, evaluating proper spellings, and avoiding misspellings. Activities throughout the program also focus on character values.

Supervisors have the ability to follow up on progress as well. All of these programs have reports that can be viewed or printed by the supervisor. Several customization features are also built into each program. Each drill is automatically scored, saving the supervisor time. These four programs are all available at and can be accessed through the ePACE platform. An unlimited number of users can use these programs for a $99 annual access fee that covers your entire school or homeschool.

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