Message to Students

Attention students! Your journey to International Student Convention begins at the regional level. Regional Student Conventions are a challenging, inspirational, and fun-filled destination where you develop God-given gifts and talents in preparation for a dynamic ministry. Select from over 140 events in five exciting categories including Music, Speech/Drama, Athletics, Arts, and Academics. These conventions are for youth 13 years of age and older.

Below are seven suggestions to help you get started down the road to more effective ministry and competition.

Select Your Event

Student Convention includes events in Academics, Athletics, Exhibits, Music, and Platform. View the Convention Guidelines to assist you in your selection. Choose events from the Events List that will best develop your gifts and talents for Christian service. Your parents and supervisors may also suggest new areas where they see potential in your life.

Plan a Schedule

A wise man said, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” The Student Preparation Handbook is your key to successful planning. With it, you and your supervisor can plan and schedule the steps you need to follow to make your entry the best it can be.

Seek Advice

When you have selected your event, seek the advice of Godly adults in your family and church who have expertise in your chosen area. They can give you valuable advice that will help you prepare.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If possible, practice in a setting similar to actual competition. Ask your pastor if you can practice before a group at your church or school. This will accustom you to performing before a group and will help you test the effectiveness of your entry.


As you prepare, pray that your performance will bring glory to the Lord. Also, pray that Student Convention will be a blessing to you and others who attend. Pray that lives will be transformed and that many will commit their lives to His service.

Do Your Best

“Good, better, best, never let it rest, till your good is better, and your better is best.” Evidence reveals that almost any young person, with concentrated effort, can excel in almost all areas.

Have Confidence

Don't think that you can't do well in competition. The size of school and age of contestant are not important factors. What counts is your commitment to practice. Some of the most outstanding winners have come from small schools. You, too, could be among the top six place winners at the International Student Convention.