ABCs Review Manual
ABCs Review Manual

ABCs Review Manual

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ABCs with Ace and Christi

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    This review manual is a helpful tool that should be used in the following ways:

    • When students who have been in the ABCs program return in the fall for the next school year, a helpful review of the ABCs is very important to give them an academic jump start. Use the ABCs with Ace and Christi Review Manual and one Review PACE (sold separately) per student. This is a refresher course of the alphabet and a review of vocabulary learned previously. The group session should review for two hours each morning; then students proceed with second-level PACEs.
    • Transfer students 9 years of age or younger (usually Levels 3 and 4) who cannot pass the first-level Reading Diagnostic Test (social studies, science, Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing) are required to complete an ABCs Review PACE and spend time with an ABCs-trained supervisor to receive a firm phonics foundation and be acquainted with the A.C.E. phonics marking program. After this review, have students retake the Reading Diagnostic Test, and place them on their diagnosed level in all PACEs. It is best to require all incoming younger students to take this review course. Doing so ensures successful reading capability.

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