Kindergarten Homeschool Set
Kindergarten Homeschool Set

Kindergarten Homeschool Set

Program Description

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi

Students who score below 100 percent on Test A and less than 80 percent on Test B of the ABCs with Ace and Christi Pretest will enjoy and benefit from this program as they learn to identify letters of the alphabet and to recognize numbers. Animal pictures, activities, and full-color pictures introduce social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love. Visualized instructions allow students to take the initiative in the learning process and to become independent learners. Since this program incorporates specific activities to develop sequencing and phonetic skills, promotes auditory processing, and improves eye-hand coordination and visual perception, many students find themselves being able to read at different stages of the program depending upon their maturity and capability.

To learn how to use this program in more detail, please view our Reading Development workshop videos. 

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