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Use this site to register for A.C.E. Educational Leadership Summit, Administrators’ Training, Supervisors’ Training, and Christian Educators’ Seminar.

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If your login fails, please read the helpful tips below.

  1. Training registration accounts are created by the school and carry over from year to year. There exists only one registration account per A.C.E. customer number.

  2. The username and password are NOT the same as the username and password for the online store.

  3. You may check to see if your customer number already exists in the training registration site by entering it below.

  4. If the A.C.E. customer number does not already exist in the training registration site, create a school registration account. Enter the A.C.E. customer number below.

  5. If the existing school registration account was set up with your email, then you may request a username/password reset. If your email exists in the database, within 30 minutes you will receive an email from A.C.E. School Services ([email protected]) containing a link guiding you through the username/password reset process. Enter your email below for username/password reset.

  6. If you fail to receive a username/password reset email within 30 minutes, it is possible that the email associated with the account is not the same as the one entered above. Please contact A.C.E. School Services for assistance.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or call 1-800-470-8991.