Start a School

7 Steps

Starting and maintaining a Christian school is a large commitment, but the investment has substantial rewards that will last a lifetime for each child you reach. A.C.E. has helped thousands of schools get started and continue the vision of Christian education. Many schools that started over 40 years ago are still in operation. The combination of A.C.E.'s methodology, training, and procedures combine to offer a time-tested system that can be replicated all over the world. Today the A.C.E. system is used in over 140 countries worldwide.

"But," you may ask, “isn’t starting a Christian school difficult and time intensive? What about the costs? Wouldn’t a new school need to hire at least a dozen teachers to get started?” A.C.E. has solutions for each of these challenges.

With a traditional educational philosophy centered on the Word of God, A.C.E. has structured a highly adaptable school format that works for both small and large student bodies. The Learning Center concept allows students in multiple levels to learn in the same room, similar to the colonial one-room schoolhouse. With “supervisors” replacing the role of teachers, students can learn at their own pace with individual, one-on-one assistance. Students learn to take responsibility for their own learning rather than having information spoon-fed through the filter of a teacher.

Regarding costs, A.C.E. presents one of the most cost-effective educational programs on the market today. Not only can schools using the A.C.E. system operate on an affordable budget, they can do so with minimal staffing. Only a few supervisors and monitors are needed in Learning Centers—each of which can cover several learning levels. Learning Centers can also be hosted at a variety of venues. A simple, open room at a church or storefront could easily be converted into a Learning Center.

A.C.E. is a full program. It contains a system of learning, a Biblical self-instructional curriculum, educators' conventions, and ministry opportunities for students. Separate training opportunities assist pastors, administrators, supervisors, monitors, and other school staff.

When A.C.E. was founded in 1970, government education was quickly moving toward humanism, secularism, and atheism. Fast forward 50 years and the need is greater than ever for Biblically sound education. Let us help you or your ministry fill the need for a Christian school in your community. 

Christian education does not cost it pays!

Read the seven steps below to learn the basic process for starting a Christian school.

To request a free information packet, submit a request online or call 1-800-470-8991. Allow plenty of time to prepare for God's ministry.

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