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A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® has always been committed to providing training and continuing education to school staff who use the curriculum and program. As a bimonthly printed newsletter, the Accelerator has served educators by providing information, training, and resources. A.C.E. will continue to supply schools with tools for success but in a new format. The redesigned eAccelerator is now available online only.

The Accelerator has a storied history dating back to the early days of the ministry. The original publication, called the Manual Supplement, informed educators about training opportunities, the development of new PACEs, and upcoming conventions, while offering helpful tips for implementing A.C.E.’s curriculum and program. Some issues highlighted the challenging court battles and pending legislation that many schools were facing at the time. Those articles served as an encouragement and demonstration of support to the pastors, educators, and parents who faced fines or even imprisonment for daring to educate their children Biblically.

In 1977 a contest was held to give the Manual Supplement a new name. After receiving many entries, Accelerator was declared the winner. Since then, the publication has highlighted A.C.E.’s expansion to more than 140 countries, the transition to 4th Edition PACEs, the connections on social media, and the development of an ecurriculum. The new online eAccelerator will continue to offer well-known features such as Character Counts, Parent AcceleGRAM, World Watch, and messages from A.C.E.’s President, Mrs. Howard. In addition to these signature articles, watch for other news, event announcements, and articles concerning the A.C.E. curriculum and program.

As A.C.E. continues its mission of reaching children for Christ, the eAccelerator will bring pertinent articles and encouragement to its readers.

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