In an effort to make as many resources available as possible, A.C.E. has introduced several new video-based initiatives. Among these are the A.C.E. Virtual Learning Centersm series, Educators’ Workshop, science lab videos, and other promotional videos on YouTube®. These training and educational videos supplement the A.C.E. curriculum and program, promote upcoming events, and add to the tools available to supervisors for enhancing each student’s educational experience.

Training Videos

A.C.E. has always held that training is a key element to implementing the A.C.E. curriculum. For this reason the Educators’ Workshop series seeks to enhance the knowledge of school supervisors, monitors, and administrators. More than 25 sessions have been published to the training page. Topics such as assisting students with math, reducing homework loads, and addressing scoring violations expand each viewer’s understanding of A.C.E. methodology. Other topics focus on broader issues, such as recognizing brain dominance, building teamwork, and using music in the Learning Center.

5 Ways You Can Utilize the Educators' Workshop

Another new training element is the Virtual Learning Center series. Videos provide tips on how to remotely run a school that is not able to open due to COVID-19. New Educators’ Workshop and Virtual Learning Center video sessions, covering technology needs, procedures, and ways to communicate with students, will periodically be added.

Training Videos

Curriculum Videos

Along with the release of the new 4th Edition Biology course, supplemental Biology labs have been made available at These free, high-definition labs illustrate God’s intricate design through analysis, animal dissection, and demonstrations of the topics in the PACEs.

Several 3rd Edition videos previously available on DVD are now available free online. These include science labs for Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics, and math videos for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Required videos for language courses, such as Spanish I, French, Videophonics, and English as Your Second Language, have also been added to the aceconnect Resource Library.

Promotional Videos

Many of the videos mentioned above are also available on the A.C.E. YouTube channel. Special announcements, such as the introduction of the 2020-2021 theme, are periodically added. The channel also includes past International Student Convention command performances, videos promoting student service opportunities, and new product announcements.

Whether you are looking to sharpen your axe, find additional resources, or learn more about what A.C.E. has to offer, check out the many tools available at and

Biology Labs

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