Over the years A.C.E. has provided helpful and informative sessions to assist school and homeschool educators. Now timely, power-packed sessions are being produced regularly in the form of online videos. These video sessions are free and easily accessible to you at the Educators' Workshop. Whether you have used the A.C.E. curriculum for years or are new to the program, you will greatly benefit from the spiritual encouragement and helpful tips found in these sessions.

A.C.E.'s Vision for the Educators' Workshop

Every educator utilizes a set of tools to ensure ultimate success within his or her Learning Center. The Educators’ Workshop is your online workshop where you can gain access to effective tools. These sessions aim to supply even more continuing education for educators using the A.C.E. curriculum. Whether you review a session or view it for the first time, the tips and advice from experienced educators will further your knowledge of the procedures and methodology of the A.C.E. program.

Benefits of the Educators' Workshop

  • Anyone can access the Educators' Workshop for FREE.
  • The Educators' Workshop is extremely beneficial to both school and homeschool educators.
  • These power-packed sessions are available 24/7; therefore, you can watch them at your convenience.
  • Regardless of where you live, the Educators' Workshop is available to you!

See the Tips Below on How to Utilize the Educators' Workshop


  1. Set aside an hour weekly for staff to watch and discuss an Educators' Workshop session. Not only will this allow your staff to learn from each session, but they will also glean from their coworkers' experiences and insights.
  2. Have staff that are new to your educational ministry watch sessions that you believe would be beneficial for their role. This can be used as part of their training to update their professional skills to the level that is needed in your ministry.
  3. Have each staff member pick out a different session they are most interested in viewing. Then schedule a staff meeting/fellowship where each member can share the knowledge they learned with one another.
  4. Prior to a new school year, pick out sessions for your staff to watch each month together or individually. Choose a few sessions that focus on dealing with personalities and others dealing with academic challenges that staff are likely to face that year.
  5. Encourage and assist staff to set aside time to view the Educators' Workshop sessions on their own. These sessions are packed with educational tips and spiritual encouragements.


  1. Challenge yourself to watch one seminar per week or four a month.
  2. Be encouraged by sharing your new-found knowledge with your spouse and friends. They will love the exciting insight you have to share!
  3. Connect with a homeschool group to watch and discuss seminars together.
  4. Each homeschool parent has unique challenges. Why not pick out several sessions that would help and encourage you in your daily life?
  5. If you are new to homeschooling, start to prepare and familiarize yourself with the A.C.E. program by watching several seminars.

Remember: Sessions Are Free!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to sharpen the tools you and your staff have in your educational toolbox. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge to enhance your Learning Center.

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